Most neighborhoods have simple, every day little issues that crop up, such as one of the husbands sneaking out to fornicate with another neighbor's wife, or a dog attacking and killing a cat.  The neighborhood I lived in, Hickory Hill, couldn't have anything as simple as that, something easily resolved by putting the dog and husband down.  

No, we had to have problems that had the makers of Advil jumping up and down with glee, problems major enough to end up on the news.  Shooting a dog or spouse wouldn't even begin to solve Hickory Hill's problems...


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Wisconsin author Lori Tomaselli

"I like a book that can make me laugh out loud one minute and make my blood run cold the next. Lori Tomaselli's book, "The Naked Block," is rife with fascinating characters who can surprise at every turn. The warm-hearted heroine, Allie, is the glue that holds the works together and through her eyes we get to see how interesting life can get in the neighborhood. Imaginative plotting, eye-opening character studies, and an on-going undercurrent of humor make for a good read!" 

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